Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Video of his First Hasta Ver.... A Farewell to a District!

Whenever a District leaves their Zone, they get together and have a "Hasta Ver." Which is a get together where they sing "God be with you til we meet again". It was great to get a letter with a SD card in it. We were able to see pictures and of course this video. He says he's having fun and learning lots!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We've heard from Elder Jones...he's been doing pretty good with emails and letters on a weekly basis!!! It's hard to post all that is sent, seeing as how things go to different families. So I'll just post a short synopsis of how he's doing from what people have been told!!! 
He's been in the MTC now for 2 weeks...(tomorrow)...and is doing GREAT!!! From his emails and letters, he tells us that he is eating as much as he wants, drinking 2 BIG glasses of milk each meal, eating as much ice cream as he wants (he told that to his nephew in a letter), and growing spiritually AND physically ;) :) 
He is getting the language down and can only speak Spanish in his classes now. NO English. He says he can carry on a simple gospel conversation in Spanish!! He's also excited for new missionaries to come into his district this week, because that it'll mean he won't be the NEW one anymore!!! He's grateful for all the love, letters, and packages!! He does however ask to not send so much candy...because everyone has LOTS of candy they're all trying to get rid of!!! :)

So there you go!!! He is still Matthew...and doing SO good!!! He's growing and learning and loving it from what it sounds like!!! We really enjoy hearing from him...and know he will do great things!!

We here on the other side are also having a GREAT time getting packages and letters sent to him. The kids are ALWAYS wanting to color/draw pictures for Elder Jones!!! I hope he doesn't mind that!! And these are a couple pictures of the 4th of July package we sent to the MTC!!! However we got the email about "Not so much candy" AFTER he received this box!!! It was still fun getting red, white, and blue things all together to put in a box!!! We hope he enjoyed getting it!!!
The kids had LOTS of fun decorating and picking things out for it!!! These are the things that make this fun!!! And make time go by faster!!!