Thursday, August 23, 2012

He's officially IN Chile!!!

Elder Jones left Monday morning for a LONG day of flying!! He was able to call home while waiting in the LA airport for his next flight!! It was quite the call!! The family was able to conference just about everyone in and allow all of us to hear Matthew's voice!!! It was harder then I expected it to be...our kids (Klous especially) had a tough time talking to him and hearing him say "Hi Bud" or anything else that Uncle Matthew would usually say to him!!! So it was a quick chat on our end and then we just listened!! It was great to hear his voice...but he was quick to go and get on with his journey!!!

I've been waiting and watching the blog the mission president's wife has set up for the pictures of the "arriving" missionaries!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see it late tonight and see that Elder Matthew Jones has officially made it to the Chile Osorno Mission!!! 

Here is the proof!!!

 Here he is with the other "new" missionaries to the mission and their Mission President and his wife!!!
Good luck Elder Jones and we look forward to hearing great things and seeing more pictures!!!

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