Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Farwell - Luncheon

Matthew did AMAZING at his farewell...(both of them)...but this is the "family ward" farewell, which brought a LOT of people together. Friends, family, neighbors, and people who we haven't seen in a long time. It was a great day...

Matthew and his parents were all able to speak...his parents spoke on "Repentance" and Matthew wasn't really given a topic, but chose to go with them and speak on "Forgiveness" was an incredible talk. He is a powerful young man, and was filled with the Spirit through his entire talk. He will do marvelous things as he's led by that same Spirit on his mission!!!

Here's Matthew...being the stud he is...with Norm Beagley & some of the Lamb family...and his buddy Connor!!

 Then came time for the luncheon. Matthew wanted a pasta we had noodles...LOTS of noodles...with marinara sauce and Matthew's delicious alfredo sauce. It was a great meal...there was also salads, breadsticks, watermelon, and banana was a good time had by all!!! 

Grandpa Pulham forgot his hat, so he made one out of red napkins!!! Pretty creative huh!!
After the friends & family was "relaxing" time with immediate family...good time to just hang out with Uncle Matthew!!

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