Monday, June 25, 2012

Sending Letters/package options...for the MTC

Hey all...

To anyone who is interested or would like can write to Elder Jones by using :) You simply click on "write letter" and then fill in his information. You just need to put "Elder Matthew Davis Jones - MTC Mailbox #214"...and then they print off your letter and get it to him. If you write it before noon that day, he'll get it that day...otherwise it's given to him the next day.
Also...if you have any just letters or packages you want to get to can bring them to the "Post Mart" stores...(in the strip-malls by ShopKo in Provo & Orem)...just have the same info on it for them to deliver. Packages are $2 and letters are if you have a hand-written letter you don't want to put in the can bring them there, and he'll get them!!!

Got an email from him today in which he said..."mail time is the most anticipated time of the day" obviously he enjoys getting the letters and mail!!! So keep them going!!!
Let us know if you have questions!!!

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