Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last night with Family...

The kids were VERY attached to Matthew last night. No one wanted to leave his side...and it made for good times to get pictures taken!!!

The boys...Matthew and his nephews!!! Zack-6, Klous-5, Kyson-2...they won't be this little in 2 years!!
Then Aysha(2) added the mix!! A little out-numbered when the boys are around!!!
Priceless picture...walking to get set-apart!!!
Officially Elder Jones :)

With Grandma & Grandpa Pulham
Elder Jones and the kids
With Mom & Dad
With the siblings...minus his sister Erin :(
With his BIG brother Ryan!! 13 years ago Ryan left on his mission...such AWESOME men in this picture!!
With Chris & Jen Kelly
With Steve & Adrienne Jensen
And one of his best friend Connor Johnson...they'll be in the mission field at the same time for about a year...
Showing off the ties from the family...GREAT idea from Shauna!!
Talking "Missionary" talk...bringing back memories for Ryan!! :)
And one final family baseball game!!! Matthew, Ryan, Michael, and the boys!!!

Everyone wanted Matthew to be the pitcher!!
Then no one wanted the night to end. We hung out at the house til LATE at night...chatting, laughing, and just being together!!

Klous finally gave up and fell asleep cuddled next to Uncle Matthew...I mean Elder Jones :)

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