Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saying the good-byes...

By far...the HARDEST part of the night...we all knew it was coming...but put it off as much as we could!!! But it was bound to happen...and it did!!! So we said our good-byes...did our hugs...whispered little messages...and just savored those tender moments before Elder Jones was gone!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Pulham had to get home, so they started it off...

 Shauna started the "tie-ing" of Matthew...and that got the ball rolling.
 Michael brought the tie from him & Jessica...
Jessica had just had surgery that morning, so Matthew went to her for the so hard :(
Then came THE hardest ones to watch...Matthew saying good-bye to the kiddos...we knew it would be sad...but to see how it hit the boys AND Matthew...was too too sweet...Klous & Zack are gonna miss him LOTS, but what an example he is being to them!!!

The other kids (Kyson & Aysha) did NOT want to get their picture taken or give him a hug...not a REAL hug at least. Everyone else that did walked away crying!!! Maybe that was why!?!?! ;)

 Mom was next...with the tie from her and Dad...

 Then Ryan and Becki did theirs...and I didn't realize how tough it would be.

 And before the end of the night...Ryan just needed a few more hugs from his little brother!!! :)
 We wanted a "cheek-to-cheek" picture...but Matthew was NOT having it...against mission rules maybe!?!? :)

Elder Matthew Jones...we LOVE you...we admire you...we will miss you...BUT we know you are doing the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time. Thank you for your example...we look forward to his letters and pictures!!! 

God be with YOU until we meet again!!! We LOVE YOU!!!

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